Tired Eyes


If you’ve got tired eyes from computer work, here’s a simple tip …


Get a shower hose, from your local hardware store. Slide the shower hose on to your bath tap. Squirt your eyes for a couple of seconds. Then wipe your eyes gently with a towel. Do that once in the morning. And once at night. In my opinion, there’s your tired eyes fixed.


If you get really bad tired eyes. And the doctor says you’ve got that bad, bad, bad germ. Try spraying your pillow with Glen 20, for 5 seconds. The Glen 20 will kill the germs on your pillow. And that means, you’ve stopped the germs, from getting back in to your eyes again, while you sleep.


I’ve had tired eyes for about 40 years.

I don’t go to the doctor.


You can get Glen 20 delivered with your groceries. It’s costs about $10-.

The shower hose will set you back about $15- at your local hardware store.



Simple enough.

Have a good day.